September Message from Chairman of LBAR, Roberto Ortiz

Posted September 2, 2020


What an  honor and experience it has been to serve as LBAR Chair for the past year!  Even though I’ve only represented the Loveland Berthoud area, I have realized that we are an integral part of the Colorado and National Association of REALTORS® as well.  I witnessed that our vision at the Local level is in line with the State and National vision.  Namely, we all value the customer first and consider our professionalism and ethics to be of utmost importance.

It was a very interesting year to be Chair, to say the least!  I never would have expected to have been part of the Board, challenged with conducting business at the onset of and in the midst of a global pandemic aka Covid-19.  I’m still in awe of what an amazing Association we are a part of and how we all worked together, as a team, at all levels to ensure that real estate was transacted in a safe and professional manner.  Also, extremely important, was the safeguarding and advocating of our income and livelihoods.

I am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced from the past, present and incoming Board.  I am thankful we have such dedicated LBAR staff:  CEO, Debbie Long and Administrative Assistant, Linda Majchrowicz.  With continued commitment and enthusiasm of all Members and Affiliates, I know our Association will grow, thrive and overcome any obstacles that my come our way!

Together we “Kept the Motor Running!”

As always, stay focused and give to RPAC.  During these times we all need to give a little to keep receiving a lot from NAR, CAR and LBAR.

Stay healthy and keep doing what we all love to do.

Thank you/Gracias,





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