2020 REALTOR® of the Year

  • The membership is being asked to nominate a REALTOR® for consideration by the REALTOR® of the Year Committee. The nomination must be received on or before: Friday, August 7, 2020


    • REALTOR® SPIRIT (30%) - High principles, faithfulness to laws and regulations of the Code of Ethics and local board, furtherance of principles of good real estate practice among other brokers and the overall public. Community involvement.
    • LOCAL ASSOCIATION ACTIVITY (30%) - Board offices and committee work, special assignments, seminar activity and education work, membership and offices in local chapters of institutes, societies, etc.
    • BUSINESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS (30%) - Recognized good business conduct, service to clients, must be a full-time REALTOR®
    • STATE ASSOCIATION ACTIVITY (10%) - Same as "Local Association Activity" but on the state level.

    All Nominees will be considered by the Selection Committee; however, in makings its selection on who shall receive this award the committee shall not be limited by those who have been nominated.

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